Maizbhandar Darbar Sharif

Humanitarian consciousness is one of the fundamental teachings of Islam. According to the Medinah charter “Article 1: This is a document from Muhammad the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), governing relations between the Believers and Muslims of Quraysh and Yathrib and those who followed them and worked hard with them. They form one nation – Ummah.”, Islam brings the whole humanity irrespective of caste creeds colour, religion and gender under one greater Ummah. Islam addresses the need of spiritual development, moral ethical development and material development with equal emphasis. Gausul Azam Shah Sufi Maulana Syed Ahmedullah Maizbhandari, a true inheritor of prophet (peace be upon him), the founder of Maizbhandaria Tariqah used to uphold, nourish, relish and propagate this Quranic ideology throughout his life. The only Tariqah of Islam originated in the soil of Bangladesh and the present glory of Maizbhandaria tariqah as the centre of Islamic learning is to be attributed to this great soul. It is needless to say that this tariqah has become the torch bearer and the perpetual model of Islamic learning of Tasawwuf-Sufism and Marifat.