Maizbhandar Darbar Sharif


A youth forum dedicated to develop sense of morality , reason and goodwill among upcoming generation and future leaders of the society . “Tajkia Youth Leadership Development Activity” also known as TYLDA is an initiative taken by Tajkia which encompasses debate workshop , debate competition , motivational speech , presentation on Maizbhandar for the students of college , university as well as Madrasa level periodically . They also organize social and humanitarian activities (e.g. winter cloth charity) , intellectual publication pm religion & society , cultural program etc.

When Allah (SWT) created Adam he made him superior to the angels by endowing him with knowledge of the essence of the entire creation. so it is necessary for each individual to understand the nature and range of his potential gift only then he can know his actual relationship with the universe and his creator and fulfill his trust functions of vicegerency that he has accepted and only then he can realize the true significance of the divine ordinance brought by prophet (PUBH) . This trust is dedicated to impart this knowledge according to the divine spirit and guidance.